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Please review the following for information about our company.

Company Address

record-voice-mail.com Operated by DLF Music Transfer, LLC is located at the following address:

record-voice-mail.com Operated by DLF Music Transfer, LLC
2985 Wilmington Rd
Lebanon, Ohio 45036
United States

Company Contact Information

record-voice-mail.com Operated by DLF Music Transfer, LLC can be contacted via telephone at 1-888-384-6970, or via email by clicking the link below:

More About Us


David and Cathy Feinauer

David will likely be the person who talks to you on the phone. In addition he does all the audio and video transfer work. Cathy administers our websites, manages our social media, writes our blog, performs many administrative tasks, handles our printing, and completes all our photographic and slide transfer work.

We are fortunate to have a studio in our home just north of Cincinnati, OH, fully equiped to perform audio, video, and photographic transfer work. All work is performed in this studio. We do not outsource any of our work. You can rest assured that we will treat all your audio, video, and photographic materials with utmost care.

This is where we work

What Services Do We Offer?

Audio Transfer

We will transfer all your audio recordings to digital CD.



LP Records, 45s, and 78s

Cassette and Reel to Reel Tapes

Personal Family Recordings

8 Track Tapes

Mini and Micro Cassette Tapes

16 inch Transcription Records>

Anything Else?  Ask Us!


Holiday Records and CDs

We stock and sell THOUSANDS of your favorite Christmas records which we have converted to CD.



Looking for something you don't see here?  Call us!


Video Transfers


VHS tapes to DVD

8 mm video tapes to DVD

DV tapes to DVD

8mm film to DVD

Super 8 film to DVD

Anything else?  Ask us!


Voice Mail to CD


Save your voice mail to CD or downloadable MP3


Photos to CD or DVD

Preserve family photos and slides by converting to digital.

Enjoy custom slide shows at your next family event (wedding, graduation, anniversary, birthday, Christmas)


Photographic Prints (up to 12x17")

Photographic Slides

Photographic Negatives

Advantix Film

DVD Slideshows

Photo Restoration


Bulk CD/DVD Duplication

We can duplicate any CD or DVD

Call us to discuss your project.

Personal Family Use

Fundraising Projects





Read "Ohio Magazine" Article published in December 2007 when we were first getting started. My how far we've come!


Read "Akron Beacon Journal" Article published in November 2009.


Read WQXR Interview published in December 2012.

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